Octomom Snaps Stunning Gym Selfie, Shares Her Fitness Journey

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Octomom Snaps Stunning Gym Selfie, Shares Her Fitness Journey

The Octomom herself  Natalie Suleman has been stunning on the internet  with photos of her kids for ages.

Now, she’s stunning the internet with her gym selfie — and sharing her fitness journey in the hopes that it helps others.

Natalie Suleman took to Instagram recently to snap a mirror selfie in the gym.

Her body looks absolutely incredible — and we’d be saying that even if we didn’t know that she had birthed 14 children.

“By sharing some of my fitness histories I hope to inspire supporters,” she explains.

Natalie hopes that her post will encourage those “who may be struggling with their own fitness journey.”

“Since discovering the gym, in 1991, I have learned the value of constructively channelling stress, anger, emotional pain etc. into working out,” she writes.

“The Stairmaster has been my go-to for stress relief,” Natalie details.

She shares that she uses the Stairmaster and “pressing on 99 min (highest it goes), no trainer, just my mind on ‘go.'”

“If I do not achieve 10 miles (at least 500 floors),” Natalie reveals, “I continue past 99 minutes.”

“I’ve been climbing approximately 45-50 miles per week, incorporating lifting light weights, for the last 29 years,” the 44-year-old mother shares.

“Working out consistently has been a priority for decades,” Natalie affirms.

She has done this “as this provides me with the mental and physical strength, stamina, and endurance to be the best I can be.”

Natalie notes that this helps her in many ways, but “particularly as a mom.”

“Ever since the octuplet pregnancy broke both my back and ribs,” Natalie recalls.

She explains: “if I did not work out I would be wheelchair-bound and unable to care for my family.”

“If [there] is a healthy habit you engage in, that enhances your productivity, protect it,” Natalie advises.

“FIGHT for it,” she encourages. “NEVER GIVE IT UP!”

“Unfortunately,” Natalie laments, “media surreptitiously concealed this truth about the real me.”

She speculates that no one reported on her fitness commitments “as it contradicted their preconceived Octo-caricature creation.”

“I returned to regular activities DAYS after birthing EVERY child,” Natalie shares.

She emphasizes that this was absolute “including the octuplets.”

Natalie lists post-baby workouts: “(core exercises, light weights and walking 5-10 miles a day, pulling and pushing kids in wagons and/or strollers);”

She continues: “and back to the gym WEEKS after every birth.”

Some of that may be against what most doctors would advise.

“I believe my active lifestyle significantly contributed to maintaining and strengthening my mental and physical health,” Natalie expresses.

“Though genetic predisposition for athleticism may play a part,” Natalie freely admits.

She shares that “my father was a boxer from Jerusalem, Palestine.”

Natalie adds that “my mom, despite growing up a WW2 refugee, was a champion runner.”

Speaking of her mom, she adds: “and allowed to leave her family and train for running in the German Olympics.”

“I believe lifestyle influences our overall health/fitness level far more,” Natalie writes.

“We parents lead by example,” she observes, “and set the stage for our children’s future health.”

“I chose to instil the value of health/fitness by leading the lifestyle I want my kids to live,” Natalie shares.

Well, we certainly cannot argue with her results! Her body transformation almost defies belief.

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